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    Default All Original 1970 AMX, what should I do?

    I have a 1970 AMX that is 100% original. This car was originally my Grandma's (no kidding). My family owned an AMC dealership, and she loved the car and drove it for about 3 years. She then let my uncle drive it for 6 years, before she "repossed it" from him and I then bought it. I have had the car for 26 years, and only put 5000 miles on the car. The paint is about a 5-6 and could really use an update. It is Tijuana Tan and Shadow Mask Black. The carpet is faded, and the Leather seats are very hard, and not supple any longer. The dash has started to wrinkle a little. This car has every option with the exception of the Go Package, and I still have the original window sticker from when we received the car new from the factory.

    My question is, should I go ahead and repaint the car, and try to do a full restoration? Or, would the car be better off as a fairly good original? The car has no rust or dents, and is 100% there with nothing missing. The car still drives well, and looks fine, but I am picky.

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    It is very hard to find an untouched muscle car from the 60's-70's, so you may want to leave it as it is. But the car is yours and from what it sounds like, it would be a very nice restoration canidate.

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    Thanks for your thoughts. I am planning to get it out of storage in the next few weeks, and wanted to get a few thoughts from others before I do anything radical to the car.

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    Another question along the same lines. I am interested in finding out how many AMX's were built with the same color scheme as I have. I have seen many cars, but this is the only one with this color I have ever seen. Is there a resource for this?

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    I think a restification may be a good option. Just replace needed items such as seat covers and carpet, then a good detailing and see how you want to proceed from there. It's pretty amazing how well that old acrylic enamel paint can be buffed out to a nice shine. The car is only original once so bringing it back to nice original condition without a full blown restoration may be an option for you and it is certainly less expensive.

    I don't have a production breakdown for your color scheme but a Tijuana Tan with Shadow Mask AMX is a pretty rare combination.


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    I agree with BBA. There is not a lot of difference between factory original and factory authentic and it's best to stay as authentic as possible. Staying 100% original makes no sense if it leads to continued deterioration and loss of pleasure when driving and the worst thing you can do is just let these things sit. Parts need to turn, fluids need to get my drift. What an unusal color, I'd love to see you post before and after pictures. Grease up the elbows and have at it!
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