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    Default 1982 concord carburetor question

    I changed out carburetors on my 82 concord 258 cu. in.It is the Carter 2 barrel with electric feedback.The champion number is 9226.I put on the new 9226 champion remanufactured carburetor. I hooked up all the tubes connecting to the carburetor and all wires.My idle is very good now.It was very erractic before.There is a metal tube coming out of the carburetor on the left side toward the radiator at the bottom that was plugged with a vacuum plug,one of those rubber tips that is closed.I don't see anything that could hook up to this port and it has puzzled me.Should this port on the carburetor be connected to the vacuum system?I also have an 81 concord,a late model I guess because it has the electric feedback carter too.The same port on this car is connected with a vacuum hose to the little block closeby with about 4 or 5 vacuum hoses coming out.I looked at the block of hoses on the 82 and I don't see anything open there for a hookup.Should the tube coming out of the left side at the bottom of the carburetor be plugged or hooked into the vacuum system?Thanks.Bill.
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    More than likely the extra port is for some option the cars does not have. Is there a vacuum diagram decal showing the hoses on eather car?

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    Default 1982 amc concord carburetor question

    I think there is a diagram under the hood for the vacuum hoses.I have a shop manual showing the vacuum hoses but it is very difficult to figure out.The 81 concord has this port hooked to the vacuum system and I am thinking it should be hooked up on the 82 somewhere.Thanks.Bill.

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