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    Default Replacing Door Hinge Bushings

    Can somebody give me some tips on replacing the door hinge bushingson my 1969 Javelin? I pulled the door off the hinges to get access to the pins. Then I tried using a punch and hammer to drive out the pins with no luck. I was swinging that hammer pretty dang hard and the pin never budged. Any ideas?



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    Post Door Pin removal

    The only idea that I have is for you to totally remove the door hinges off the car. Take the hinges totally off the car and use a vise to drive the pins out, hopefully this will solve that problem.

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    Default Sorry for posting in the wrong area

    Thaks for the reply. I just noticed I posted in the wrong area. Sorry about that. Anyway, I soaked the pins with penetrating oil over night, then used a torch to heat just the area by the pin and they popped right out. The bottom pin came out without any heat.


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