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    Question '75 pacer door hinges

    I have some problems with my pacer doors, all the hinge pins are worn out. Both doors drop about 2 inches when opened. Does anyone know if I can get new hinges, or parts to rebuild my current hinges, and where I can get these parts. Thanks for any help.

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    Talking Hinges problems

    The problem with your hinges seems to be a problem with all AMC cars of the era. I have a Javelin and a AMX and both cars had the same problem with the hinges (both times it was on the drivers side). What wears out is the bushings that are on the hinges. These bushings (from AMC) are made of some kind of plastic and after a few years they become brittle and will literally fall off the hinge itself. The solution that I did was I went to the auto parts store and bought brass ones that fitted a Pinto or Chevette (I think). I do not remember for sure which car I ended up buying, but I am sure that they were made of brass and fit perfectly. Another source for these bushings is American Performance base out of Coca Beach, Florida. They can be found on the Internet and I beleive that their website is I did this to my cars 10 years ago and I have not seen any sign that the bushings that I installed have any hint of failure.

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    The original Javelin/AMX bushings were nylon and were one of AMCs poorer ideas. There was even a TSB about replacing them with brass I believe. They wear extremely poorly as one would expect in a steel vs. nylon battle.

    The Pacer bushings are available. I believe Tony Zamisch (listed on this website vendor page) has them and others may as well. The Pacer doors are so heavy and long that they will probably eventually even wear out sintered brass bushings and lots of slop on Pacer doors is common.

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    YOu can buy some time by adjustingthe wholedoor up by loosening the door mounting bolts on car and jacking /supporting door and tigntening bolts. I got brass bushings from Auto Zone about 4 years ago. Always use oil on all door swing points. Can use old motor oil-free!

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