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    Default rear main bearing oiler for 390

    While surfing the net, I came across an ad selling a rear main bearing oiler for a 390 engine. It looked like a brass pipe with brass fittings. The ad said that this was an important improvement that should be done to save the rear mains. Did the 390's have an oiling problem that I should know about? I'm just about to start to rebuild mine so this is the time to make any improvements. Thanks guys.

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    all amc v-8'sm can benefit from the improved oiling from this mod. If you want more good info on this and other oil system mods go to "planet houston amx" the web site by Eddie Stakes and click on the "tech" section for some very good detailed info with pics on this subject

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    Did the 390's have an oiling problem that I should know about?
    No, the AMC V-8s did not have an inherent oiling problem. If they had AMC would have fixed the problem sometime between 1966 and 1988 when they produced these engines. And if AMC didn't then Chrysler would have after the takeover as they did continue with the 360 production in the Jeep line for a few years.

    The oiling modification you found has its place but the vast majority of owners simply don't need it. So, first you need ask yourself how you plan to use the engine you are rebuilding. If you do not plan on using this engine in competition where it will sustain high RPM for extended periods of time on a road course or Gymkhana then the modification you are asking about is useless. And keep in mind that doing this modification by itself will gain you nothing and in fact will result in a loss of approximately 10lbs of oil pressure. The modification needs to be used along with a side-sump baffled oil pan, oil drain back lines and oil pump modifications or it's a waste of time and money.

    It looked like a brass pipe with brass fittings.
    Because that's all it is. If you do decide you're going to do this modification you don't need to buy a "kit" off the internet, you can get what you need at your local hardware store for about $10.

    You are far better off spending your money on buying a brand new factory timing chain cover as well as the oil pickup tube and screen when rebuilding an AMC V-8. A worn timing chain cover is the cause of far more oil pressure problems than anything else - and it is usually overlooked, both because it's not obvious and because someone is selling a "short cut" that sounds like it's the perfect answer for a "problem" that the vast majority of AMC owners will never encounter.


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