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Thread: 1968 Pilot Car

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    Default 1968 Pilot Car NEED HELP

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    I am new to this site and AMX's in general and looking for some help as to what the value of this car would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's hard to tell, but how much do you want to pay for it? It is a very well documented car, how many other AMX's are that well documented? Last year an extremely nice 69 BBG AMX went for $56,000 at an auction, so maybe that will help you decide what this car is worth.

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    After looking at the auction I'd certainly want to have the car inspected before placing a bid (but that's with any internet sale). Being Matador Red with white stripes and 390 4-speed is certainly a very desirable combination. The documentation is nice but I wouldn't say it adds any significant value to the car. Outside of the one magazine test car (which he's not certain of) I'm not quite sure what he means by a factory public relations car. Unless it's the AMX in the brochure gravel pit photos, but he doesn't specifically say.

    And I'd want a mechanic, bodyman and/or appraiser inspect it for any accident damage that may possibly remain from the accident it was in that he mentions in his description.

    A few questions I'd ask is why isn't/wasn't the undercarriage (or wheel wells), and trunk finished? Or maybe the undercarriage was and the photos are from when it was being done? Why is there overspray on the oil filter on a completely rebuilt engine? It's missing hood insulation and a trunk mat - minor but is it included? And there are some other items he mentions that I hadn't heard of before.

    It has some nice options he doesn't mention (unless I missed it); AM-8 Track Stereo, Passenger Side mirror (it's not very visible, is it correct?) Tilt wheel, and visibility group.

    I can't say if the car is worth the price or not. I can only suggest that you ask for some clarification on some things and have it inspected prior to bidding to help you with your decision.


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    Thanks for the help and insite.

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