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    can someone answer this question, What rear end comes in a 68 amx. I have found my new car has a 12 bolt end, I thought 10 bolt was stock. How do I find out what one i have?

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    Their will be a sticker in the truck if you have a limited slip most of the time. If itís a 4spd then it usually has 3.54:1 if you go to the main page it will tell you their what came in a 68 AMX

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    If you are still concerned with this rear end question and haven't found any answer yet, here is something;

    I must first say that the Rear end terminology of 10 bolt or 12 Bolt is more of a GM thing, but that method can be used to quickly identify the two main types of rearends AMC used as well even though they are entirely different and completely unrelated.

    AMC used the Dana style rear axle, Referred to as the AMC 20. The AMC 20 was used behind all V8 powered cars and a most of the full sized cars, even with ones with 6 Cylinder engines. It happens to have 12 Bolts on its Round, Symetrical, cover.

    On AMC's smaller cars, like the Gremlin and the Hornet, the Six Cylinder cars came with the much weaker AMC 15 rear end, which happens to have 10 bolts on its, not-so-symetrically round, cover.

    Unless your AMX is originally a factory six banger car, it should never have had a 10 bolt Rear. (I take that back, There is an AMX at my work that is rolling around on a AMC 15, but that is just to move it around the shop at the moment). You should have an AMC 20 under your AMX, with 12 bolts on its cover, unless somebody thought a adapting a GM 10 bolt to fit would be better, which would indicate that they are probably a moron.

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