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    Default Hello AMX Group! 69 AMX sheet metal

    Hello to all you AMC guys! I am looking for some answers for my computer illiterate friend with a 69 AMX he is trying to restore. This was his fathers car and after getting into it is finding lots of cancer etc. Today he shows me the fenders are removed and there is a "inner fender"? that attaches to the spring tower? assembly from the firewall to the radiator support. Is there a source for these? and what is the technical term for it? Also...he is wanting rockers....available? or is he fabricating everything??? Thanks for any answers or links to suppliers.
    Tom A
    Denver CO
    68 442

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    I don't have any answers for you....but WELCOME

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    vendor list

    this is a very good list of vendors that will help you out.

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    Most of what your friend is looking for is not reproduced. Here's a couple more sources to try:

    I see you're in the Denver area so your friend might want to contact the Rocky Mountain AMC Club that is based in Denver. See


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    Thier is this place in flordia that has a lot of repo parts here's a link

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