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    Default I Bought My Kammback!!!!!!!

    actually, I bought her on December 31, 2006. She's got almost 300,000 miles on the Iron Duke 4 cyl and it still runs, but barely. 4-On-The-Floor trans. the 4WD works. but she needs complete resto. I'm thinking of puttig a 304 in her and a 1-3 inch lift
    for more info and pics
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    I had one of those years ago and actually trid to kill it but she just kept goion like the energizer bunny.
    Great potential there bud, nice find.

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    Default Kammback

    These were called "Gremlin" in Mexico until '82. Lots of people think when they see one of these online for sale from Mexico called a Gremlin that someone made a mistake. I know the Kammback owners usually get the "Gremlin" from everyone.

    Nice car. Hope you get it back to perfect condition.'77 Gremlin
    Currently drive a '77 Gremlin
    I have owned:
    '70 Mark Donohue SST Javelin; '72 Gremlin X; '73 Pierre Cardin AMX; '76 Hornet Sportabout

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    That is what I plan on doing.
    Since then I bought a 1983 AMC Eagle Station Wagon

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