View Full Version : Rocker ratio 69 390 amx

04-29-2017, 02:36 PM
Hello every one, and thank you for the welcome to the AMX-perience site ,obtained this site address from a down load of a AM " 1969 service specifications" manual, in it I noticed the rocker ratio for the 290 343 and 390 is listed as 1.4:1, does any one know if that is a typo, or is it correct as all other spec sheets I have seen list it as 1.6 ,just had my 69 390 AMX fitted with a set of Lunati 1.5 steel rollers as the original lifters were weak and thought it would be a little up grade, the machine shop also fitted guide plates,springs, and a slightly longer pushrods to correct geometry, they are a well established engine shop that is incidentally building one Penske's old INDY AMC aluminum engines ,for a customer ,the rocker ratio question is just to satisfy my own curiosity , thanks in advance for any comments,