View Full Version : trying to find my dad's old race car

04-06-2005, 09:40 AM
i have spoken with some of you previously regarding this, but i thought i'd put it on the board too.
i'm trying to find the amx that my dad raced in 69 in ontario. the car was quite successful & i have fond memories of it, so i want the car to come home.
the last i heard of it was around 1990 & it was being driven on the street in western ontario, with a 401 & auto tranny. the car should be pretty distinctive, as it had a full roll cage and a large adjustable wing on the trunk. the owner at the time said he used to take it to vintage race weekends in the states & take it on parade laps.
i have a vin, but we are not sure if this is actually the same car or another one that the sponsoring dealer had around the same time.

here is a pic of the car in it's hay day


has anyone seen this car around?