View Full Version : Looking at 1968 AMX.

05-04-2005, 02:14 PM
Looking for some guidance. I am considering looking at a 1968 AMX, w/a 390, and 4sp. I talked to the dealer, and the only comment was that the hood was fiberglass. Is this how they came? If not, will I be able to get another hood, and where can I look so I can get an estimate of price, besides a junkyard. Also, can anyone give me some advice for what to look out for in an AMX.


Big Bad AMX
05-05-2005, 11:25 AM
AMXs were all steel. If the hood is fiberglass it's an aftermarket. Hoods, fenders, decklids, bumpers and spoilers are available in fiberglass.
The chances of finding a steel hood in a junkyard are pretty slim anymore. Price for a used 68-69 hood $500-$1000, an NOS hood will bring $1500.00.

It really depends on what you're looking to use it for but in a nutshell look for any signs of rust or rust repair, accident repairs-especially up front if the hood's been replaced, etc. Crawl under it with a flash light and look for the casting numbers on the block to be sure it's a 390.

Check door tag and VIN info with:

Look for options like A/C, tilt steering, power steering or quick-ratio manual steering, AM, AM-FM or AM 8 track stereo, tinted windows, remote outside mirror and power disc brakes etc. Dealer options are always nice too. Look for missing or replaced pieces / parts that aren't OEM.

And post any further questions you may have.