View Full Version : Caltrac traction bars

05-27-2005, 07:45 AM
For those of you who have either changed rear ends or struggled with minor wheel hop, this is your answer. Recently I installed a dana 60 in my 70' AMX and because the removal of the factory torque link was required, I did some research to see what I should get to replace them. The answer was found through Calvert Racing. The owner of the company is an old gear head who has raced bracket for 30 years. His own design of traction bars are found on 70 of the fastest street cars from Car Craft. Go to calvert Racing dot com and you will find product description, applications, pricing and feedback. The cost is reasonable at $339 and they are designed with the 2 1/2" to 3" u-bolt application and have tab's already there for the shoick mounts. Easy to install/ easy to adjust. After bringing the car home from the shop I went out to the local blacktop, heated the tires with line lock and let her loose. Impressive Skywalker!! Yea they do the trick! Food for thought folks.