View Full Version : aftermarket trunnion bushings

04-09-2006, 10:07 PM
tried the Walt Garson trunnion bushing,here are my findings
1:even after repeated honing of the inner bore of the trunnion,bushing is too tight in trunnion(fits but does not turn in bore easily)
2:since OE steel sleeve is not used(works as a positive stop when tightening)top of bushing loosens nut when wheels are turned to right(unless you substitute self locking nut from upper a-arm bolt next to trunnion side bolt-to a-arm end---which i had to do),the original nut with lock washer will NOT stay tight even when using impact gun(good thing i tried turning the trunnion and checking the nut prior to re-assembly)
3:since i had to substitute self locking nut,flat washer(one with two small holes)now rubs on bottom of self locking nut(metal to metal wear point).although this will probably hold up,this is by no means an acceptable repair i would allow to a customer if i were doing a front end rebuild.also due to the chance of the washer wearing under the nut,this cannot be considered a proper thing to do to a daily driver car.
4:although i could probably use emory cloth on the bushing OD(allowing it to move freely in trunnion) the steel sleeve issue(positive stop fastening)still remains.(if you do not understand positive stop fasteners,it is the limiting of how much squeeze is applied)(like an AMC rocker arm on the valves-stock)
------although this is by no means is meant to discourage anyone from buying bushings from Walt or anyone else,this is only my actual experience using this product.(I am a retired ASE front end tech)