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08-08-2006, 05:01 PM
I hope someone won't mind answering my newbie question. I bought a '72 ambassador with a 2 bbl 360 engine. I want to upgrade the engine and I understand the first place to start is the carb and intake. I have a stock 4bbl intake that I picked up (I plan to go to an Edelbrock later). Now I need a 4bbl carb. I'm thinking a 650cfm since I want to do more mods later.

So my question is how do you know what type of carb fits on what type of intake? Will basically any Holley/edelbrock/Carter carb fit a stock intake? And will it fit an Edelbrock too? I have determined that it is not an electric choke, but that's about where my carb knowledge ends.

If someone could give me some pointers I would appreciate it.