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    Default Turbocharging a javelin

    Has anyone ever seen a single or twin turbocharged javelin or amx? I'm looking into first designing and building a custom crossram fuel injection setup for my 360. I want to leave room for 2 turbochargers and the plumbing. I have a good idea of how I'm going to fit everything in but I'd like to see someone elses work ahead of time.

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    Smile Turbocharging a AMC?

    Never seen or heard of anybody trying to Tubocharge a AMC before. I guess it can be done and if you do it, let everyone know. Sounds intriguing and what fun you would have blowing the doors off of a vette.

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    There was an AMC proto-type built to pace the Indy 500 back in '81. The AMX had a turbo-charged fuel-injected 258 6-cylinder that was rated at 450 horsepower. The car was not used as a pace car for the Indy but does still exist.
    As far as V-8 Turbo charged AMCs I can't think of any, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me if a few are out there.

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    there is a twin-turbo hornet in Finland! i dont know whos car now is but i know that guy built it. his best et was 9.14/162. they dynoed little over 1000hp, and it was 360.

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    There's a twin-turbo 390 in a 1969 AMX up in Idaho. Custom done by the owner. Very nicely done, the car looks stock until you open the hood.

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    collected this in my travels:

    can't remember where. looks like an amc block to me

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    I believe someone was working on a turbo inline six Jav at a website I used to go to, but they shut down.

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    Default Turbocharging a javelin

    I haven't seen a turbo charged amc but I have an injected, novi supercharger on my amc 360. I have it for sale for $18,000.

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