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    Default Wheels And Tires

    I would like to know who makes a wheel that looks stock for my 69 AMX with the go pack. Also I would like to know what size tires I can run on the car. I am wanting to add some meat to the rear. Possibly a 11" wide tire. However I want to keep them tucked in the fender.
    Does anyone have any info or tech on this.

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    1969 AMX 4-speed,Go-Pack,343 with Holley 670 c.f.m.Edelbrock R4B,Isky Cam.Mallory.Dash #12027

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    thanks, I also have a 69 Go Pack 343 mildly built car. I purchased it in Lansing and brought it to Ky. The exterior and interior is in excellent original shape. Under the hood it is strong but not stock. I put a 750cfm cab on and it woke it up big time. The 343 has a Engle cam and a performance head-valve job.
    I am looking at running P275/50R15's on the rear. Not sure about the front yet. Possibly a P215/60R15. I am hoping with the right back set these will work with out rubbing. Do you have any idea on this set up.

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    There was a thread on this as well, might want to take a look.

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    Default Stock Rally Rims 69 AMX and Tire Size

    What is the largest tire I can put on my 69 amx that has rally rims without modifications to the vehicle?

    please advise

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    About the largest tire that I have ran on my AMX (70) is a 245 60R 15 on a 15X7 inch rim. Vinques sells the magnum 500 rims

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    You can get the wheels in 14x6 or 15X7 or 16 thu Larry who sources them from Wheel Vintiques.

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    Default tire sizes 14 inch rims

    I am about to purchase new tires for my 14 x 6 rims and am looking for advise on tire sizes. the bigger the better in rears.

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    I've got Hoosier 215x70x14 tires on my AMX. Same size all the way around. The rims are 14x7 but I had the same tires on stock 14x6s. You can see pictures in the photo gallery to see if they are the look you want. I've had 225x60x14 on my '70 AMX without problems but those were 14x7s too. Not sure if you can get 225s on a 6 inch wheel but the tire store should be able to tell you.

    When shopping around keep in mind that 14" high-performance tires are a thing of the past.


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    I have 245 60 14 on the rear of my 68 Javelin. That is probably the biggest that I could go without hitting the springs. I am not sure what the rim size is 14x6 or 14x7.

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