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    Default 69-74 AMX wiring diagram question

    I recently read a wiring diagram for a 69 AMX. I am wondering if the 74 Javelin wiring is similar. I am trying to figure out what the loose pink wire below my voltage regulator is for.It comes out of the harness tape and is disconnected and hanging. If it is like the 69 it says it is a resistor wire??? Thanks
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    I'd guess they're pretty close but I wouldn't want to wire something with a 'pretty close' diagram.

    Would anybody with a 74 tell him exactly what the pink wire goes to?


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    I rewired my entire car with an aftermarket harness so I can't trace the pink wire.

    I did the next best thing, I scanned the wiring diagram for a 74 Javelin without the 140mph speedometer. On the center of the first page is where I located a pink wire.

    Hope this helps.

    74 Javelin

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