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    Default AMX logo Floor Mats

    Is there such an item as an AMX logo floor mats for a 1970 AMX ?

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    Not from AMC. They did have an AM logo rubber floormat but they'd be a hard find today. Custom embroidery is probably your best bet.

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    There's a nice looking set in the AMX that is for sale in this ad:
    Maybe he can tell you where he got them.

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    Default Floor Mats

    Legendary Auto Interiors will make embroidered floor mats. I was going to go that route but, got lucky and found AM script floor mats. The # for them is 1-800-363-8804. They also have a web site but I am having a hard time finding it.

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    The ones Legendary sells actually come from ACC. I bought a set for my '69 Javelin with Javelin script. They have a whole bunch of thread color options and you can choose where you want the logo. They are pretty nice. I am sure the sewing is computer generated and it's a reasonably faithful recreation of the Javelin script.

    You can buy them from a variety of sources. I bought mine thru Legendary...they are good people and their reproduction seat covers are excellent quality and value. Without them we would be a lot poorer......

    I think you can look up many of the available logos on

    The original type are just about impossible to find and 'extreme show car only' now IMO as already eluded to. The '70 or '71 up Javelin original mats have a weird futuristic car logo on them.

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