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    Default need to replace dual point ignition any suggestions?

    Hey there-
    I need to replace the dual point ignition on my '73 401 with something better. Was told that electric was the way to go, but can't find any reccomended parts from the auto places.
    What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Brand and model/part number? Car will be on the street, coming out of the garage from time to time.

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    I'm still running single points but if I ever went electronic I'd go with the Ignitor from Pertronix. Easy install and retains the stock look:


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    Thanks Big Bad AMX, this is great! One you think that the Ignitor is best, or is it worth (or even possible) to wait for and use the Ignitor III?

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    One more question for you in additnion to the Ignitor III question there any benefit in replacing the coil also? The one I have is a Mallory one that was no doubt nice as a performance part when it went on the car 20 years ago (before I got it and pulled it out of a junkyard...running, but out of a junkyard nonetheless)...but nice brand new repalcements are only $30 or $40 that also worth replacing to get a real benefit? When I got a top end rebuild on the car about 15 years ago, they left this coil there presumably because it was working fine. But now is now and since the dual point is going away, would there be any benefit to chanigng out the coil also?

    Thanks agian for all this info. Once I have my list of parts I'd like to put it up here for you to weigh in on it...measuere twice, cut once, that kind of thing! I really appreciate your input!

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    HI there-
    OK I have a plan...hoping you can comment...I tried the “all Petronix” route but they told me they don’t have a distributor for an AMC 401 and won’t have one for “at least 6 months”. I’m not willing to wait that long…I found a “ready to run” from Summit racing:

    MSD ignition 8523 from Summit Racing:

    If I hooked it up to a Flamethrower II coil from Petronix:

    What do you think? The only other thing I think I’d need would be plug wires, if mine are in bad shape (but I think they are pretty new so maybe not needed). Is there more? More parts that would need to be added? I want to completely banish the old ignition from the car for all time...would this do the tirck?

    Do you think this would be a good setup to bring my ignition et all into the 21st century? I am just a guy that drives the beast, I can’t do a lot of work on it. So keeping the dual points is not an option for me, and I want to improve how she runs. I won’t be buying right away, probably in about a month or so, so I am really interested in what you think.

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    I think it depends on what you're trying or wanting to do with car. If your dual-point distributor is a Mallory you can just buy Mallory #102 Heavy Duty points and have them setup for you. They will typically last 25,000+ miles before needing replacement.

    The MSD may have an issue with hooking up and getting the factory tach to work. I'd say the Pertronix is the better setup if you want electronic over points, but want to keep the stock appearance. And you don't need to wait 6 months for the Pertronix setup, a stock distributor will do fine, just add the kit. Coils typically work or not so if it's good there's no functional reason to replace it. The wait for the III is only a couple weeks, it may be worth it.

    If your main use is going to be street performance driving the dual point setup is fine. I think the Pertronix is the better electronic option over the MSD, but that's just my opinion.


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    I think you are probably right. I know a lot more about it now and will be leaving the setup that is there. Have bodywork on the way and that ain't reason to dump more C-notes on other things than I need to!

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