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    Default Black AMX question

    I thought I read somewhere that AMX's had the rear tailight panel painted flat black unless it was a black car, in which case it was gloss black to match the car. Anybody have any idea? My factory window sticker has a line that says "Special Paint" on it. Also, is there anywhere else on the car that any of the build info or VIN can be found other than the door tag and dash?

    72 Javelin SST 258 6cyl. (Parts car)
    73 AMX 401/auto/PC

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    I've heard that too, but I don't have any official confirmation. Sorry.

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    I wish I could remember where I saw that, I just picked up a Black 73AMX that's been repainted and the panel is gloss black. I have the original window sticker that lists all the Go-Pack options including the blacked out tailight panel but further down it has a line that says "special paint" for about $37.00 and I'm wondering if that's the panel getting gloss paint.
    72 Javelin SST 258 6cyl. (Parts car)
    73 AMX 401/auto/PC

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