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    [B]69 AMX - Can anyone steer me toward replacement horns (mine have lost their noise power) and what is a good brighter replacement for the head lights ??[/B]

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    I would try JC Whitney for replacement horns, unless you want originals then I'd suggest you contact Tony Zamisch at

    For headlights you may want to look at halogens such as these:

    I still run the old sealed beam in my AMX so I don't know how well these fit/work but it's just a suggestion you may want to look into. Maybe someone else who uses them can chime in?


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    Default Horns & lights

    thanks for the info and maybe others can chime in ?? I might be happy with just new bulbs like what came in it ?? I just know the ones I have are too weak to suit me. As for horns, Jeff Jennedy says the originals are not available, so I'm thinking about hiding a loud one and keeping the others as dummies ??

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    If you have halogens in it now then yes, just replace the bulbs with something that is more to your liking. I assumed you had sealed beams in it.

    And while new OEM horns aren't available, used would be fine if you want to retain the stock look and sound. Otherwise there are quite a few aftermarket replacements available.


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    Default Horhs & lights

    thanks for the reply...

    the lights I have now are stock and I guess they are just wore out ?? they are just very dim. So my question is what is a good replacement that will fit, but give me more light ?? I may be satisfied by just replacing with the same kind, but just not sure ??

    As for the horns, do you know of aftermarket units that look close ?? Once again, I would love to have them louder than stock if possible ??

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    As I understand it headlights will dim with time so replacing them with new headlights of any type will likely show an improvement. As to what type of replacements to get is more a matter of personal preference. There's quite a number of options out there and I can't really suggest or recommend any.

    As for the horns I'm not sure there either. Some do look 'close' but without a side-by-side comparison it'd be tough to tell. If you're going to use the originals as dummies most anything that you could hide would be fine. I don't know the db rating of the originals for comparison but the originals in my AMX are pretty loud. Maybe place a wanted ad in the classifieds for some good working originals? Just a thought.


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    Try taking the horns off and bang them on a piece of wood. You'll likely knock some rust out of them. Then spray inside with some WD-40, let 'em sit overnight. Then spray with some electrical cleaner, let dry and see if that helps.


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