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    Default Only BB cars had painted bumpers?

    My research seems to show only the BB colored cars had painted bumpers.My Bittersweet '69 had painted bumpers,and in in the research/restoration phase,i assume this was not correct for this car? Any input appreciated.Thanks,Mark.
    1969 AMX 4-speed,Go-Pack,343 with Holley 670 c.f.m.Edelbrock R4B,Isky Cam.Mallory.Dash #12027

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    Correct, only the 1969 Big Bad Colors had factory painted bumpers. Your Bittersweet Orange AMX originally came with chrome bumpers. It was quite a shocker to see painted bumpers on a car back then. In '70 and later (to 19??) the BB colors were made available on all models but they had chrome bumpers.

    Re-chroming bumpers is much more expensive today than painting them so that's what sometimes leads to the decision to paint the bumpers.

    Occasionally you'll come across painted fiberglass bumpers too.

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