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    Default Exhaust for '74 Javelin

    To get my brother's '74 Javelin back on the road my son and I agreed to provide the needed new exhaust system. The car has a 304 with headers. Are there any exhaust kits that are recommended for his car? Have seen a couple items on-line but question how much additional work they may require. Also, any muffler recommendations?

    Plan to have exhaust out the back. Header collectors are 3".

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    I'm not aware of any kits but if it were mine I'd just have it all done at a local shop. Get everything done in one spot. For a 304 with headers either 2 1/8" or 2 1/4" is plenty. Bigger than that and it takes some rather unique bends for rear axle clearance anyway. I would put in an H pipe too. For mufflers it depends what kind of sound you're looking for. Turbos are nice, but some folks like glass packs too, or are you looking for a brand?

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    Thanks for the reply. I'm not familiar with the Javelin and have only done an exhaust system on my project car which was easily obtained as a kit so was looking for any input. I thought someone might have a "success story" with a given muffler setup. I'd qualify my brother as looking for throaty but not excessively loud. Will be used for criusing and car shows.

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    Before going with sidepipes I had turbo mufflers and exhaust going out the back on my AMX. They have a nice sound to them, kind of a mellow rumble, and aren't too loud.

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