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    Default Fuel tank breather

    So my 74 javelin amx has a skinny steel line that's probably about 1/8 inch thick. It runs from the tank, to what looks like a filter right next to the tank, and then up along the frame to the engine compartment. It is broke off right underneath the brake booster so I cannot tell where it was supposed to originally go. What can be done with the vent line if I don't care about all the emission garbage? Can it just be spliced with a rubber hose and linked directly to the carb vacuum port? Also, if it is indeed just a vent line, why does it run through through a filter? You would think only the actual fuel line would have a filter. Anyone dealt with this before!?

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    Hi, I am restoring a 1971 AMX. and have resently done research on this in books and a un restored 1971 car I have to look at. The vent line is not attached to any thing. What you see is a filter is really a roll over valve in the shop manual, they call it a check value. I don't think hooking the vent to the carb would be wise. It would cause the check valve to close not allowing air into the gas tank. I am no expert, but i am a 40 plus year plumber, like pipes, tanks need to bleed. Hope this helps. Mac

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