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    Not long after I bought my Spirit (regular old DL, not an AMX) I came across a similar car, though this time the AMX version. The car was unrepairable, but all the AMX bits were present and accounted for. Is it sacriledge to swap parts to 'create' an AMX Spirit? How does it affect the value? Are you better off with an all-original plain-jane Spirit over a cut-and-pasted AMX version? In the end I'm hoping to just keep the car for myself, but am curious what AMX'ers think.
    1981 AMC Spirit DL 2-door hatchback

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    If you are going to keep it I say go for it.

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    Talking do it

    Look, who really cares. It's in the eye of the owner. For years I struggled to keep my Javelin original and for what? It was a plain jane Javelin with the 304 V-8 in it. Yep, everything in it works and I was growing a little restless driving something that was a little pokey if you know what I mean. So, now I'm working on a 401 (with some help from friends) and a torque-flite tranny. The body of the car was repaired and repainted 3 or 4 years ago and I ended up putting a Donohue trunk spoiler on it. I like it and that's all that counts in this world today. Too many people telling you this and that and they aint the ones who are going to spend the time or the cash on the car. It's time to be an individual in the era of sameness. Go for it, you'll be happier that you did something that says, "hey that's my car and I like it the way it is right now and go %$## up rope."

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