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    Default 69 AMX w/basket weave seats

    How rare are these? Can I get the material to recover them? What other patterns were used in 69?

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    It sounds like your referring to the Ventilair Vinyl material. It was standard in the 1969 AMX, leather was an option and the only other material available for 1969. Lengendary Interiors does have it as well as reproduction seat buns (foam) and other items. Here's a link to their AMC Catalog -

    Here's their homepage -

    "AMX" (Std.)
    "AMX" (Opt.)
    Vinyl "Ventilair"
    Trim Color Charcoal Platinum Red Saddle Charcoal Saddle
    "T" Codes
    931 932 935 936 931 936
    Identify fabric with seat type
    F F F F L L

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    Default 69 AMX interior issue..............

    Thanks......Eddie Stakes just said the same thing! I am not in town and have not seen the seats for some time, but thought they were a fatter weave and had no center inserts- and I didnt love that look anyway. Mine must have been recovered at sometime, so I'll keep it stock since this Platinum is so rare.....and nice looking!

    PS: I need to order a Pertronix ignition for this 390 and saw several options, including w or w/o coil. Not looking for super high performance, but reliability and maybe easier starting/better MPG? How about some suggestions?

    Thanks, George in FL
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    Yeah, the Platinum is a beautiful color, and rare. Not many are out there any more, that is for sure. Good choice on staying stock.

    I'm afraid I can't help you on the Pertronix George. I know the Pertronix has been around a long time now and I've heard it works well but I still run single points in my AMX. I have never used the Pertronix myself. Hopefully someone else that can help you will chime in.

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