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    I agree with Radioman! This site is very hard to navigate and use. I wish you had kept the old site. Being new to computers I can appreciate the work someone has put into this. How about instructions on how to use this site.

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    Default Web site

    1) I know the classifieds are currently down and I am working on getting it resolved. It will take some time.

    2) For instructions on how to use this forum please click on the FAQ link (Frequently Asked Questions). You'll find answers regarding "User Maintenance", "General Forum Usage" and "Reading and Posting Messages". Click on the website logo at the top of the page to go into the main website.

    3) The dual login issue that some users have asked about is also being resolved. This will make the forum and classifieds login integrated and easier to use.

    4) The old classifieds and messageboard may have been easy to use for some while others wanted many more features. And they had their maintenance problems. They will not be reinstated.

    5) I can only test for so many computer configurations before opening it up for use. I can not test for all configurations and skill levels of users. As I become aware of issues that users have I will try to improve them.

    This site is a hobby for me, done as my time allows. The reinstatement of the classifieds is priority. Your patience is appreciated while I resolve these problems.

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