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    Can anybody help me on how to overcome my anxiety? I've been watching news daily and all I can see is news about COVID cases, lockdowns, and new variants. I'm feeling the situation we are in is so hopeless, no chance of getting back to normal. Many activities are out of my reach now. I'm so depressed and I can't figure out how to handle this emotion. At nights, I do experience panic attacks. Any ideas can help. Thanks

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    In Addition to this, there was a news about children below 17 years to be vaccinated? Do you agree on this? This is another problem parents are facing right now.

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    What I can tell you is that it is better to be vaccinated then to not be. As to the Children, I had my son who is 13 years old vaccinated and can not wait till my other son is old enough to be. The only way things will get back to normal is if people stop only thinking of themselves and think of the common good. Once enough people are vaccinated thing will get back to queasy normal. As to the panic attacks, it would be best to seek medical attention, and pick something you can control. I started planning for the future and figuring out ways to enhance my retirement. At least that I have control over. sort of.


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