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    Default New member sayin hi.

    Just buying my last amx. (Unless that Ill blacked out 70 comes up, lol.) #6 with a 30 year gap from #5. Life, family, job, other hobbies, yall know the drill. Anyway this ones super clean, recent resto including paint, got all the goodies. 69 go pac, 390,727,3.73 tru trac, pretty rare from here on. documented California car from original owner till today, was a test mule at edelbrock development in early 70s to build a prototype intake for mass production, still on car today with other edelbrock goodies, all documented. Car is factory Beale street p 64A blue with ascot grey p-62A stripes and platinum interior w,am/fm, a.c., pwr steer+ Brakes. I haven,t found another documented with that color and option guys probably know of 10 or more, lol. complete with a two inch book of documents. Thanks for letting me brag a little. I hope to be able to rely on you guys vast arsenal of knowledge for future help.

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    Welcome to the community. Can't wait to see some pictures. They really are work a thousand words. Congrats on the latest buy.


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