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    Question Help! need 1963 6 cyl distributer info/help!

    Hello All....I am a new member and am looking for some info....I just purchased a nice 1963 rambler classic 660 with a 6 cyl engine and lost the distributer on the tow home (previous owner left it on the battery tray) hoping to find out what years will work and from what engine sizes....also firing order, and if this distributer is the same from another make (ford, gm, mopar) I know amc used various other manufactures parts....also what bolt pattern would the bellhousing have? it amc unique, or the same as a gm, ford, mopar application....does anyone have a dist for my application? there an HEI unit that will swap in nicely? (already tried a 75 gm hei from a 250 straight 6 cyl....fits nice, but the drive gear on the distributer does not reach the cam gear..)....also, any idea what gear ratio would be in my differential?....Thanks in can email me at Ed

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    Default 1963 Rambler distributor

    Don't know about the 63, but the HEI did fit the 232,199, and 258 engines IF, and I said IF, if the drive gear was changed. There were some guys on ebay that sold the drive gear for the HEI so that it could be used in the 232-258. But, have you tried the distributor from a 78 up 232-258? That way you could used the Motorcraft electronic ignition system.

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    There's a brown classic 770 4door near my friend's house, I'd like to get some $$ and make an offer to the guy. The quad headlight setup is side-by-side, the car itself is rather boxy but I find it attractive, it's all brown (makes for a good sleeper), and I see dual tailpipes peeking out from under it.

    Any ideas on what year, engine, etc. this might have?

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