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    Unhappy Vaccum hoses routing

    Need to find out if anyone out there has any idea of how the vaccum hoses are routed on a 71 Javelin. After putting in my 401 back into the car, someone who was helping me take the engine out of the car disconnected all of the vaccum hoses. I figured out most of it, but I have 2 hoses that I cannot for the life of me figure out where they go. One of the hoses goes thru the fire wall to the interior. My guess is that it goes to the vaccum windsheild washer that I still have on the car. But it's only a guess. The second hose goes to the front of the engine into a T that is shared with the vaccum advance for the distributor. The guess that I came up here is that it goes to the fuel vent, but this one I really do not know for sure. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Please give more information, do you have air also?

    Here is a standard vacume layout... vacume wipers have a vacume fuel pump a line will go from the pump to a hard line that runs to the back of the engine. From the hard line a hose will attach to the wipers. There is a hose that will come from the fire wall to a T that will force water to the washer sprayers and another line will go to the manual washer pump from the washer bottle. There will be vacume to the distributer from the carb. There should be a line from the manifold to the fuel pump to supply vacume.

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    Question Specs

    Here's what I got. This car was orginially set up with vaccum wipers which were changed over to electric. All hardware to include all vaccum hoses were taken off the car. The car does have A/C which still works. It also has a vapor canister (which doesn't work, the ends are broke off). It does have the old (non-electric windshield washer) unit on the car. The only other vaccum type of hookup is that of the line that comes up almost centered on the firewall and runs with the fuel line and ends up at the check valve for the fuel tank. My guesses are only that, just guesses as far as the routing is concern. Try to find a vaccum routing on various AMC sites with no success. Thanks in advance for any help that you may have.

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