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    Default 1971 Javelin Online Parts

    I saw a great deal on a 71' Javelin and Im wondering the availablity of online parts. Does anyone know any good sites they could recommend?

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    Hi, the hardest to find parts that are mostly hard to replace in very good conditon are and are not reproduced:

    Front lower console (1 year only hidden ashtray and lighter)
    Intrument switch panel (1 year only removable switch templates)
    Scissor Jack (late 70, 71 & 72) Ford and Dodge have simular jack
    Backup lens (1 year only, very rare to find new or in good condition)
    Rear turn signal lens (1 year only)
    71 Javelin interior aluminum panels (1 year only Non AMX, SST)
    71 Javelin intrument panel overlay (1 year only Non AMX, SST)
    71 Javelin grill (1 year only AMX can be used but will have holes)
    304 Air cleaner (70 & 71 only)

    You may find these in swap meets or through an AMC or Rambler club.

    PS... you did not say what model Javelin (Base, SST or AMX) it can be difficult for the Base model if you are looking to show or make it close to original (only 7,000 made and are less than all Javelin AMX's combined, most were 6 cyl and are rare to find with a V-8 and Air). Some have add-ons or mods that ruin the originality. AMX's also fall into that catigory... I see to many restored AMX's that I would not spend the money on due to being picky and a smart buyer.

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    Talking 71 Javelin

    Right down my alley---- I own a 71 SST and can vouch for some of the parts that harder than hens teeth to find. Took me years to find a back up lense for mine. My brother drove the car and backed up into a mailbox and took the corner of the lenses with it. But when I did found one, I found two. One is in prestine condition and I put it away. The other one was suitable enough to use (or until I break it myself).
    The other item which may be minor to some, but major to me is the neutral safety switch. 71 is the only year where they tucked the switch in the console activated my a rod that goes to the shifter handle. One you cannot find them where they will fit properly and two it also has the reverse lights on the same switch (kind like the GM switches that were used during that time). The big problem here is that a standard GM switch will not work right. Secondly, if you loose the rod, it can be a bear to find a replacement rod for it. Unless of course you are talented enough to make one of own.
    As far as the hidden ashtray, my car was built in the second week of September 1970 and does not have the hidden ashtray nor did it ever. Just wondering if this was a standard feature or was it a option item???

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    Hi, as for an early 71 SST... I edited this to an easier way to identify the missing door. If you have a small (hole or black rubber stop at each lower corner) of the ash tray inset... Then you have a 71 center console.

    My car is a very late 71 SST but does not show any differences.

    All my books show early and mid production schemes both have the door.

    Opps! I forgot about the Nutral / Safety switch... There are other tid bits too, like interior door handles and non tinted glass.

    I am still looking for a non-tinted windshield in perfect condition.
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    Im going to take the carpet out and Im having alot of trouble getting the front seats out. I have the front bolts off but still having trouble

    any suggestions

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    You should have rear bolts to remove also... I did not have much difficulty, but I did notice the Zbart undercoating was making the nuts a little tight.

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    Default Hidden ashtray door

    My 71 SST does have the console and still is very good condition. As far as the hidden ashtray door, it never had one. The 71 service manual from AMC does not mention anything about it. I did see one Javelin that had one on it and it was a 71 Javelin (base model). I did ask the owner about it and he said that AMC only made a couple thousand cars before they changed it to an open face ashtray. Since that, they were supposely all open face after those cars. Also to note, my owners manual (yep, still have it) was the first printing and it does not show or say anything about the hidden ashtray. Now where do suppose AMC did with the hidden ashtrays doors???? I know that there are Javelins out there that has them, but no real literature that talks about them. Also, I have no rubber tabs in the console itself that the door would rest on.

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    That is funny... My owners manual shows my hidden center console and my car is one of the last group for cars made for 71 #266651 Kenosha built. The bill of sale was is in January 72 from the dealer card. I have yet to see a 71 that does not have a hidden center console ashtray and lighter.

    Oh, another thing does yours have a center console shifter? I am wondering if you may have the full length version... mine is not and ends before the lower center console. I prefer the 73 and 74 consoles. They are more durable and a little heavier than the 71 and early 72 consoles.
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    Cool Ashtrays and the such

    I think that we may be talking about 2 different ashtrays, the one that I am talking about is the one that sits on the center pod coming down to the console. Are you talking about the back ashtray on the rear of the console???
    I have the full length console and floor shift. The reason that I know for sure is because several years ago, I replaced the carpet in the car and it was somewhat a pain in the you know what. Only until I realized that I had the full lenght console. The front part slides completely beneath the center pod on the dash panel. I can see why AMC did away with the full length console, kind of a waste of plastic and all.

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