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    Question unusual 4 bbl intake

    I have seen a 4 bbl AMC intake that has individual volcano shaped carb mounting surfaces instead of a large single flat surface.What is the application for this intake ,is it a later model?,I'm pretty sure it's a spreadbore intake, but is it sought after or is it a dud?I'm getting ready to build a 360 and wondered about using this intake.I dont have a number from it.

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    Hi, it sounds like you found a late 70's model 4bb V8 intake.

    It is better than most for it can give you good gas milage and low end torq.

    70's Jeeps usually have them. There are other aftermarket intakes but for a simple rebuild and a new 650cfm spread bore Holley (Vacume Secondary's) you should get a good deal of improvement.

    If your into real performace... the Torqer is the best out there for the money.
    But don't use it if your build up is a little better than stock.

    I assume that you already have dual exhaust.

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    Yes I have dual exhaust.What did you mean dont use if my build up is a little better than stock? Dont use the torker?

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    3500 - 7000 RPM range... and you wont get much out of it if you use a moderate grind cam. I assume that it will be driven daily or at least 3 times a day. I use to have a simuler setup that I explained earlier on a 304. Everyone thought I was nuts. Your 360 should do fine but if you want the Torker go ahead your going to loose low end torque.

    I cannot deturmine what your engine will do, I am making the best sugestion for what it is worth.

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    I understand what you were saying now.This car will be a near stock driver and I want all of my low end torque, no 7000 rpm runs for me.Thanks 304.

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    Here's a helpful reference when selecting an AMC V-8 intake manifold. Written by Tony Zamisch it covers all but the Air Gap (which wasn't available at the time of writing).

    For what you're looking for you may like the Performer or the R4B. BTW: The Performer is much easier to find.

    Let us know what you select and how you like it.


    By AMC World Clubs West Coast Representative,
    Tony Zamisch
    Listed below are the aluminum intakes that were available from the dealer, and aftermarket sources over the years for the AMC V/8. There were some obscure and experimental manifolds from Traco, Kaplan, Penske, and Enderlie/hillborn, none of which went into production. I also have some cool info and experience with blower intakes and fuel injection manifolds. Manufacturer, manifold configuration, RPM range and application:
    Edelbrock R4B:

    Dual plane, single four barrel - 1500 to 6500 RPM - 68/69, 70/up

    Edelbrock Performer:

    Dual plane, single four barrel - Off idle to 5500 RPM - 70/up

    Edelbrock Torker:

    Single plane, single four barrel - 3500 to 7500 RPM - 66/69, 70/up

    Edelbrock S.P.2.P.

    Dual Plane, single four barrel - off idle to 4000 RPM - 70/up

    Edelbrock "STR-11" Cross-ram

    Single plane/open, cross-over, dual quad - 3500 to 7500 RPM - 68/69, 70/up

    Edelbrock "UR-18" Tunnel Ram

    Single plane/open, dual quad - 3500 to 9000 - 70/up

    Offenhauser "360 degree Equa-flow"

    Open plenum/divider, single and dual four barrel designs - 3000 to 8000 RPM - 66/69, 70/up

    Offenhauser "360 Degree Dual port"

    Dual plane open/dual port - 2000 to 6000 RPM - 66/69, 70/up

    Holley "Z" Series

    Single plane/divider - Off idle to 4800 - 70/up

    For more information on these or any other V/8 and 6-cyl manifolds, blower intakes, etc, call me. I've used them all at one point or another. Lots of stories to tell. Remember, an intake manifold is only as good as the cam that you use with it. Other factors also apply.
    By the way, the casting number for the standard (not Machine) 70 360/390, 71 360 cast iron 4-bbl intake manifold is #3195532-C. Casting numbers ARE NOT the same as part numbers. What's in the parts books are PART numbers.
    Tony Zamisch California Classic AMC, Inc. (619) 423-0364


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