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    Default 390 with Carter AFB

    I have a 390 with a 750 CFM Carter AFB. The engine has high comp. 360 heads with of course dog leg ports with late model exhaust manifolds and 2 1/2" dual exhaust. It also has a Performer intake and a moderate cam. I wonder if someone can tell me the best combination of metering rods and jets to use. It seems to burn awfully rich under acceleration. Thanks!

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    Since Carter's are no longer available I called Edelbrock to get the correct jets and rod sizes for the altitude where I am for my AMXs 625 AFB. If I remember right I told them I have a 650 (since Edelbrock doesn't have a 625 and they're not real nuts about supporting Carters - or so I was told). Anyway, give 'em a call and they can get you the right setup.


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