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    Default AMX Southside Machine traction bar

    Hi all,

    I just bought some Southside Machine traction bars for my 68 AMX - I've been drag racing my car in street class at the local track and the torque links just are not cutting it - the car hops under traction (and yes, I did adjust them to spec) - so I bought some Lakewood universal traction bars - a little better but not much (I think the problem is that I can't mount them forward enough - the shock mount is in the way). So, I bought these traction bars off eBay for an AMX/Javelin - the bottom shock location is moved - looks like it might line up with the other (forward of the axle) holes in the body. I'm also not sure if if there is enough room between the spring and the frame in the front where the U bolt for the traction bar goes. So... does anyone have any experience with these traction bars? Is it possible they are not even for the AMX (as I've described them)? Any other thoughts to help my traction problem?

    Oh, in case you want to know - the car has run 13.97 @101 mph, with street tires, through mufflers, 2.70 gears and leaving the auto in drive. Embarrassed the guy with the restored Shelby GT 500 KR - he was running 14.5. Not bad I'd say.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.


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    Default traction bar

    Sounds like these bars are on the right track. You want the driverside shock to be behind the rear axle and the passenger side in front of axle. Will need a fabricated thick steel shouck mount. Then install the mount with bolts down through the truck area(reinforced with a steel plate of course) Unfourtunately you will be drilling some holes in the car,but it will make a huge difference and eliminate your wheel hop. send me a email and when I have a minute I will take some pics for you and send them so you can see what I am saying. I have never had a wheel hop issue with this car and she runs the streets with 12-13 sec mopars.

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