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    Default Rear window louvers?

    Hey all,
    First post.
    I'm looking at a set of rear window louvers to put on the '68 AMX I just got.
    They are listed to fit '68- '74 AMX and Javelins, did all years use the same back glass? Just want to make sure before I try and get them.
    What kind of price should I expect to pay for a decent original set?
    Thanks a bunch, I'll try and post some decent pictures of the project when I get my camera fixed.

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    Default Original Louvers??

    This is the second time today that I ran across someone mentioning original, or factory louvers for 68-74 AMX (or Javelin). Now I thought I was a 'man of the AMC world' ,so to speak, but I have never seen, nor heard of, this option. Anyone?

    Now, the 1977 Hornet AMX, it had factory louver. They were the same color as the body, as were the bumpers ( ALa' Mod Javelin or Big Bad AMX).

    Now if I remember correctly, they made a pretty deceant fit on the Javelin and AMX, if you modified the hold down pins (hatchback Vs.trunk). The look and quality of these louvers is way better than any aftermarket ones.
    If cost is factor (when is it not!), measure your back glass, check out your local U-pull yard for any louver, if it is close to the right size, there you go!

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    This is the text from the add:
    Here we have either a factory or dealer installed rear window louvers for 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 AMC AMX and or JAVELIN

    Perfect for someone who has a Mark Donahue Edition Javelin but optional on BIG BAD JAVELINS and BIG BAD AMXs

    Made of aluminum with mounting tabs intact. Has some glue residue on the upper left that will come off with some WD40 or sanding, the louvers also have some light- dark spots on them. These were originally finished in a semi-gloss black paint. They are not bent or broken, with a little work & paint these would be very nice on your back window. NOTE I DO NOT HAVE THE SPECIAL KEY TO TWIST THE LOWER LOCKS TO OPEN THE LOUVERS LIKE A HATCH TO CLEAN THE WINDOW .
    I'm a newb to AMC/AMX's so I'm having a hard time with some of the references. I've seen louvers on a couple of AMX's(pictures only) so not sure if the "stock" claim is accurate?

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    Here's a pic of a set on a '68:

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    Hey, that is my car!!! Those louvers are off of a 1977 Hornet, but they do fit on a 68-70 AMX or Javelin. Mind you, they are not perfect, as they are a little more rounded on the top corners than the window, but it is very close. These are very strong and well built louvers. I don't remember what I paid for them as it was several years ago.

    Good luck!

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    I haven't seen rear window louvers on an AMX or Javelin in years. They do look good. I had them on my '69 and '70 AMXs back in the 1980s. They keep the interior heat down as well as help stop carpet fade, not to mention blocking headlight glare from the bonehead with the bright lights that comes up behind you.

    They were not a dealer or factory option for the 68-74 cars. If I remember right the aftermarket manufacturer was Sport Shades, Inc. that made the stamped aluminum louver. They made them specifically to fit the 68-70 AMX and Javelin, and also the later Javelin or AMX. They supplied AMC vendors at the time. I think I paid $150 for a set new. They'd probably be 3 times that now if you could find a set. I didn't know the Hornet louvers fit. It'd probably be much easier, and cheaper, to find them for a Hornet than to find a set of the AMX / Javelin ones.

    The rear window glass for the 68-70 AMX/Javelin are the same, and it is the same for the 71-74 Javelin and Javelin/AMX. But it is not the same from 68-74.

    BTW - Nice Javelin


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    Do you still make louvers?

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    Default 1968 Javelin rear louvers

    I have a 1968 Javelin. I am looking for rear louvers. can anyone help me?

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