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    I know, I'm full of questions
    I bought my "Midnight Eagle" in June. The black on black one in the Photo Gallery. She is bone stock original. Except of course the "Taz" stuff. Problem is I don't know what oil the previous owner used. I heard to can do more hurt than good by using a different one. What oil should I use?

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    It used to be said that you could mix weights but should not mix brands. I wouldn't be too concerned with a one-or-two time change in brands anymore, so long as it's not a habit. I run Valvoline 10w-40 in everything with the exception of my AMX which runs Micron-Moly 10w-40. The Eagle was run on Pennzoil (bleckkk) prior to when I got it, I switched and now it too uses Valvoline. Now is a good time to switch to the brand you prefer and then stay with it.


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    Default Motor Oil

    There is no evidence that changing brands of motor oil have any negative effect on an engine. As long as the engine is using the same weight oil (viscosity) and as long as the owner can read and understand to get the proper API or ILSAC service rated oil, there should be no difference between brands.

    Why do people worry about changing oil brand so much? Probably because when a car changes owners it may develop problems such as leaking or smoking. The previous owner will say, "It never did that when I owned it!" So the assumption is that changing oil brands had a negative reaction on the engine. The most likely reason is that the previous owner was hiding something that he will never admit to!'77 Gremlin
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    Post Oils

    Just a tibit of information that I had ran across a few months ago. I read an interesting article in Hemmings Muscle Machine discussing some of the issues of oils and their specifications. As newer engines are developed and used, engine oils will also change to meet the specifications of the newer engine. This implies that as we go from engine to engine- the oil will change also. Engine oils deveopled 20 years ago is not the same oil that is currently being used. Is todays oil really any better than the oil of 20 or 25 years ago? This is still an open debate on this particular issue. However, the author of the article did say that there should be no problem in using todays engine oils meeting Diesel engines specs for they contain the same detergents that gas engine oils had in them 20 years ago. Don't know for certain about this but I do have a car that I may try it on and sees what happens, if anything. Any comments would be welcomed.

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