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    Default 74-360 with Holley 600or650

    I have a 74 Javelin with a stock 360 that my dad owned since new, other than a Holley carb swap (600 or 650cfm, dad forgot) with mechanical secondaries, emissions junk yanked out, and an open-element air cleaner.

    When he'd get on it off the line it'd bog down and sputter and stuff, but if you eased it off the line and then hammered it at 2500rpm that thing would really go.
    other specs:
    bwT10 4speed
    I'm not sure what dad means by "really go", since a basically stock 74 360 is a rather typical dissapointing early-smog era engine, by the numbers anyway.

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    Sounds like you have too big squirters... you can use a single strand of 18 guage wire looped through both ends of the shooter as a easy way to close up the hole. If your not familar with what a shooter is... it is mounted top center just below the choke air horn. A single screw mounts the thing. If your at all conserned about loosing the wire... where can it go, when both ends are being pushed against simultainously. I had run this before for many years as a tuning trick.

    Also check the throtle cam lob... if it has a quick open when part throtle then replace it with a gradual slope. That should clear up the sudden dump of fuel.

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