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    Default Won't go in Reverse

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and have a recent problem with my automatic transmission going into reverse. I hope someone knws what's going on. I have a 71 Javelin SST with 304 and stock auto transmission with console shifter. I recently had it out of commission for a couple months being painted. It worked fine at that point with no transmissions issues at all. They informed me that the car would not go anywhere when in reverse. All forward gears work fine. When I picked up the car I could not get any motion in reverse although the car would rev as if in nuetral. It did seem to creep VERY slowly but this may be due to gravity. Car operates perfectly in all forward gears. The transmission fluid level is up. Can anyone help on this?

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    Post Borg-Warners

    What you have is a 71 is the light duty Borg-Warner automatic and they will do some pretty weird stuff. The first thing to check would be that of the vaccum line that runs from the manifold to the vaccum modalator on the transmission. If this line is off or broken, it could create some problems as far as shifting into gear and various shifting problems. This to me seems to be the most ideal place to start. After that check the modalator itself and make sure it works properly. A tranny shop could perform a check of the valve itself. There is a reverse band adjustment that can be done, but I am not sure if this is an internal adjustment or an external one. A 71 AMC service manual can tell you for sure. If you don't have one, then I believe a repair manual could tell you. Just some ideas I guess.

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