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    Default No Power in reverse to wheels

    I'm a new member to this site and tryed posted this earlier today but don't see it. So here goes another try. I have a 71 Javelin with 304 and automatic transmission with console shifter with it will not move when shifting to reverse. I can shift into reverse and rev the engine but the car will not move. It appears as though it is in neutral and it will roll backward very very slowly. . All other forward and neutral shifts work perfectly. This started happening while the car was in the shop for painting. I already checked the transmission fluid level and tried running the car until warm but no luck. It worked fine before being sent to the paint shop. did sit for prolonged periods of time and they were the ones who informed me of the problem. Does anyone have any ideas what is going on or how to troubleshoot??? Thanks!

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    Lightbulb What to check for

    Check the modulator valve located ont he transmission. Make sure that the vaccum line is connected to it and check the function of the valve itself. Borg Warners also have an adjustment for the reverse band and I believe it is an external adjustment. Check the 71 Tech Service Manual for the actual location and follow its recomendations.

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    Thanks Don's. Sorry I didn't get back to thank you until now. Turns out the tranny was due for a rebuild (leaky seals, etc.) and that's the route I took. I can't complain because it lasted over 200K miles without any work being done. Works great now. Thanks again.

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