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    Default what are these wheels worth?

    hey i've ben lookin in catalogues and websites and i cant find these wheels anywhere, can anyone tell me what their worth and if i should keep them?

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    I believe they are 14 inch Pacer rims from the late 70's. Worth? I don't know. If you like them, keep them.

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    i think they are 14's but why would they be pacers? the guy i bought the car from (69 javelin sst) said they were stock

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    Those aren't stock for a 69 Javelin. Even though, I have seen them on several AMXs and Javelins.

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    Exclamation Maybe...

    im thinking about cleaning them up and keeping them. they are not your generic muscle car wheels in i like things that say "American Motors" on them

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    this guys javelin has them to. the wheels do say "american motors" not "javelin" or "amx"

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    bigbad68 pegged it - those are, without a doubt, the optional mag wheel for the Pacer.


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    so what are they worth??

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    Are you going to sell them? My brother had a set of them and really couldn't give them away. They are worth what someone wants to give. If you like them and are going to keep them, who cares how much they are worth.

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    just wondering if im rolling on hundreds or 50 cent pieces. personally i like them and no one else around here has them or can find them. i am planning on keeping them

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