I need some help figuring out this solenoid. I have the wiring/relay/switches figured out. They were missing from the car, including the wires. I'm having trouble getting the solenoid itself to work. With the solenoid out of the car, and testing on the battery with a short piece of wire, it works. I put the solenoid back in, hook it up, do a test run, and the wires with current get hot, without the solenoid engaging, or even attempting to work.

I got some bigger wire to power the solenoid. 8 or 10 gage, I can't recall at the moment. I tested outside the car, with longer than what the car's wiring would require, and it worked. I replaced the thinner wire with thicker where needed, powered the relay, and it worked. Reinstalled solenoid, went for test drive, nothing. No melting wires though. Took out solenoid, powered relay, and nothing. Tried solenoid on the battery, and lots of smoke.

I'm sure I fried my solenoid, but why wouldn't it work before? Trust me I know the wiring was capable of working. What size wire should be used? I wouldn't think it would need to be that big, thats why I used 12 gage when I set it up the first time (its also what I had laying around). Now that I fried the solenoid with the bigger wires, whats the deal. I had everything working in the car as a test before the test drive (spun tires, flipped switches etc...)

Was the solenoid bad already, and draw alot of current, but still work?
Was it alright, and I missed the boat somewhere with the wire size?

Anyone have a solenoid for sale?