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    Wink airbags

    are airbag suspensions make specific? instead of replacing old springs with new ones, im considering airbags. what are the advantages and disadvantages? thanks

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    I saw that Muscle car show on TNN/Spike TV a little while back, they were putting an airbag suspension under thier Dodge Challenger. The get up they had was kinda like a coil over shock, with the airbag being the coil, you know what I mean?
    I figured something like that would probably work on the '70-up suspension of AMC. But then again, if companies are making this stuff for Mopar, they gotta be making it for '60's- early '70's Mustang. Being that the Ford setup is basically the AMC setup, only difference is the Ford strut arms are put in backward. I bet that the Mustang airbag assembly (bag+shock combo) would be a direct fit on AMC. I think that since they both use the same part number shock absorber, if the Ford spring is roughly about the same diameter and has similar mounting techniques, just order the setup for a '69-'70 Mustang and pop it in!
    Am I right or am I missing something?
    I figure the rear setup that is already out there for early Camaro rear suspension would be the way to go for the back on Javelin or AMX,too. Again, I have'nt actually seen how either of these setups are engineered or installed, but If it works for the intended apllication, It'll probably work even better in an AMC!
    What do ya think?
    I don't have any experience at all with the earlier Trunion style suspension, but hey, since your modifying the suspension anyways, throw in some radical tubular A-arms, with Ball joints and maybe a rack and pinion?
    Hey, I wonder if getting one of those complete, tricked out Mustang II front ends from one of the Hot Rod vendors might be the way to go? Hell, they graph those puppies onto 75 year old roadsters all the time. Where's my catalogs..... and my credit card.......Darn

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