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Thread: Rear axle swap?

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    Default Rear axle swap?

    Hi I am new to the forum,

    I have a friend with a 68 Rambler American. He is building a killer street monster with a built 258 and T-5 setup. We plan to go racing this year at Pacific and he feels that the Dana 15 will not hold up to side steppin the clutch. I know the V-8 Ramblers had Dana 20s but finding a Rambler in general is quite a feat. My question is, does any of the later Dana 20s out of cars like the Javlin have the same width and perch location for a direct bolt in? What cars and what years can I get a donor Dana 20 out of? He does'nt want to cross pollenate but bottom price will sway him. So maby are there other swaps out there that may work? What have you guys used? please help, racing season is apon the Northwest.

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    Only a V-8 AMC Model 20 out of an American properly fits this application. AMX and Javelin AMC 20s are far too wide.


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    Thank you for the reply.
    I guess I will have to talk him into narrowing an M20 out of a wagoneer and having shafts made. Do you think Randy's Ring and Pinion sells one piece shafts for the M20 with 5 on 4 1/2 in custom length?

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