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    I have a 360 in my '74 Javelin and am considering switching to shorty headers. When I was a teenager, I had full headers (Hedmann) but they hung down so low that they would scrub on speed bumps. So, I don't really want to consider the full headers, but the shorty would be an option. Does any one have experience with this. The rest of my exhaust system needs replacing, so I'd be interested in opinions about which supplier to get the pipes and mufflers. I'd really like to use the 3" if possible.

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    Going for the shorty headers isn't a bad idea if you are concerned about ground clearance. I seen a set of Edelbrock shorty headers a while back that a guy I knew who had them. These headers were chromed and look pretty nice. As far as I know, they should work while attached to a Javelin, what I like is the fact that is that you would not have to drop a header if you need to change a starter.
    Going to a 3 inch exhaust may be a little hard to do in that you may not have the clearance between the axle and the gas tank on the car. Also I have found that about the biggest you can go is 2 1/2 inches and have it exit the rear. From what I have read and understood is that anything over about 2 1/2 inches is somewhat a waste of money. The engine seems to perform well with 2 1/2 inch exhaust and there was no significant improvement with that of a 3 inch exhaust. Could be wrong here, perhaps there is someone else in Forum who can give you a definite answer one way or the other.

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    donsjave, thanks for the input. i have also heard that unless you exceed about 500hp that the 3" is not needed. based on your input, i'm pretty much convinced that 2.5" will be enough and I perhaps won't have the clearance problem at the exit. many thanks!!

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    Besides clearence what are the advantages of shorty hedders? i am planning on getting the side exhausts, will shorty hedders work with these?

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    Shorty headers should work with the side exhaust. They are the same dimensions as the free-flow exhaust manifolds for 71 and up cars. When you order your side exhaust make sure to tell them that you have shorty headers.

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    i have a 69 car with a 76 engine, will this still work?

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    Yes it will. My motor is a 75-76 year range.

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