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    Default Engin Compartment Cross Brace.

    Good Day, the 73 AMX 360 4V I just bought has a cross brace spanning from fender to fender just in front of the carb, this is in addition to the two braces running from the fender area to the front cross support. Was this a factory option ? or did somenoe ad it later. Thanks Rob

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    Sounds like an addition to me. Might want to confirm that with another reply though.


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    the '74 and two '72's that i have owned only had the braces running from the fender to the front. sounds like the fender-to-fender brace is an add-on.

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    Cool Bracing

    Kind of sounds like someone added the bracing that you mentioned. Javelins and AMX's had only the bracing that runs from the front fender to the radiator support bracket (front of the car). One on each side. This kind of looks like someone was trying to copy some of the early Mustangs that had them.

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