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    Hi to all, I just found this sight, registered on and this is my first post. I have a 1968 1/2 AMX 390, Caravelle Blue with white stripes, black interior, Go-Pac, auto, factory air, blonde co-pilot (that one was to see if you were still paying attention). I posted a few pictures in the member section (of the car, not the blonde). I'm getting ready to address what appears to be 38-year-old sagging rear leaf springs (again...on the car, not the blonde). Does anyone know the spec(s) for the front and rear ride heights as they originally came from the factory optioned as such (and the exact spots to measure from and to)? I'm trying to keep this baby as true to it's heritage as possible. The level and jacked up AMX doesn't look right to me (no offense intended) as the AMX had a slight designed "crouch" to it that portrays attitude. Mine is now crouching to portray it's pooped. Helpful info and comments shall be appreciated. I've been snooping through the forums for quite awhile tonight and picked up some good stuff.
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    im not so sure on all the numbers but amcs usually looked like they lean back, and it isnt just due to age. Most people told me it would be benifitial to aerodynamics to drop the front alittle so that it sat more even. since the springs are sagging a wouldnt recomend just adding a leaf i would recomend going on the amc webring and looking for direct replacment rear springs. i think southtexasamc has some in there new old stock. hope this helps

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