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Thread: ?Engine size?

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    Default ?Engine size?

    I am just wondering what was the biggest size engine that came with a Gremlin .. was it a 401 V-8? I might be wrong..

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    Default Largest AMC engine in Gremblin

    I do believe that it was the 304 V-8. I am not aware of anything that the factory installed. I have heard of people (or dealers) putting in larger engines, but as far as I know, the 304 2BBL was it.

    After confirming the question of what the biggest engine availabale on the Gremblin, it was the 304 V-8. There were one or two dealers mainly on the west coast who would swap out the 304 for the 401 but these cars carried no warranty from the manufacturerer. AMC only offered the 304 as the biggest engine in the Gremblin and I do believe that this was only for the 70-72 model years ( I could be wrong on this, please check service manuals or old repair manuals). After this, only the 258 I-6 was the biggest engine available here in the states. Let me know if this is what you are looking for.
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    The Gremlin was offered with the 304 V8 during 1972-76. In 1979 MY the Spirit sedan (which was a mildly restyled Gremlin) was once again available with the 304.
    Here are some links on a dealer that offered a 401 swap.

    Gremlin XR-401

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    Cool Stand corrected

    I stand corrected as far as the years were concerned. And sorry that I misspelled Gremlin. Thanks for the memory refresher, as far as the dealers are conerned who did transplants of the engines and other goodies

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    I would have to check on this, but from memory I think fewer than 1,000 V8 Gremlins were sold in the 1976 model year. Obviously the fuel crisis was hitting hard. It's a shame the Gremlin GT of the late 70s wasn't available with the 304 because that would have been a neat ride.
    It's a mystery why they brought back the 304 V8 for the Gremlin in 1979 MY. I think it was because up to that point the gas price was easing, 1978 was a record year for the US car industry, and AMC itself was actually recovering going into 1979 MY. They were on the up.

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