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    Default 1969 rambler V8 headers

    Does any one know where i can find headers for a 1969 rambler. I'm working on a hurst rambler look-a-like with a .030 over 401 and i can't find any headers for a V8 in a rambler. Any help would be appreciated

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    Talking Headers

    Try looking for your headers under the Javelin or AMX models. With the 401 you will need the "dog leg" type of headers. Edelbrock makes them both for the long tube and short(y) tube headers available in both the cermanic and chrome type headers.I am assuming that you have an American and the interior engine bays and floor pans are the same as the Javelin with the
    AMX being the same until just to rear of the front passenger seats. AMC did this to save cost on tooling and the such.

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